Frequently asked questions..

Q: Do you have a standard licence?

A: Our licence books are bespoke for each group / organisation.

Q: Do you have a template for the licence books?

A: We do the work for you, so no need for a template.  

Q: There is a set up charge for the licence book, what is this for?

A: The foil print on the front cover requires a plate to be made.  The plate is made off site by a manufacturer.  The set up cost is a one off charge, we keep the plate on site so that it can be used for subsequent orders.

Q: Why does my artwork for the front cover need to be black on a white background?

A: In order to have the plate manufactured a negative has to be made.  Any grey scale or coloured images can not be reproduced.

Q: What is the difference between a leatherette and a leather cover?

A: Leatherette: is an environmental alternative to a pvc book covering.  It is a latex saturated paper with an Acrylic coating.  It has a grained leather look effect.

Leather:  The covering we use is a recycled leather which has been developed as a commitment to both leather tradition and environmental care. It is made of 85% genuine leather fibres, waste retrieved from tanneries and is faithfully preserving the attributes of leather. It looks, smells and feels like genuine leather. 

Q: Will you send a proof of my licence.

A: Before we commence with your order, you will be sent a sample of your book for approval.

Q: How long will my order take?

A: This depends how busy we are at the time of receiving your order. An estimated delivery date will be given on receipt of your order.

Q: What colours are available for the covers?

A: Leatherette covers are available in Black, Grey, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Bright Blue, Baby Blue, Burgundy, Red, Green, Purple or White.

Leather covers are available in Black, Navy, Burgundy, Red and Green.

Q: Can you supply my book in any language?

A: Yes, we have produced books in German, Norwegian, Swedish and French.  If you provide the translation we can print it for you.

Q: Do you ship outside of the UK?

A: Yes, we have many European and International customers.

Q: What size are the certificates?

A: A4 and A3.

Q: Do you print certificates on a parchment style paper?

A: No, the paper has to have a smooth finish for optimum foiling results.

Q: What foil colours are available for the certificates?

A: Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Black.

Q: Do you print certificates without a foil border?

A: Yes, we can provide a printed certificate with a spot gloss finish.

Q: Can I have my logo on a self inking stamp?

A: Yes, we can make a self inking stamp with your logo.

Have we given the answers to the questions about our printing services that you were looking for?

Please feel free to contact us if you require any further details.